Linggo, Enero 15, 2012

Morality without religion

You may find this blog a little offensive, some of you might raised your eyebrows and question my spiritual identity. Or, worst you will kick my ass and excommunicate me forever. Well,everyone has the right to choose what they hold on in their faith. With or without religion everyone can be righteous, everyone can live in morality and everyone is invited to know Jesus Christ. He never chooses religion.

In this entry, I am putting my faith here with Jesus Christ. I admit I don't go to church every Sunday, or if I go  it can be of any religion or congregation, I believe it doesn't matter what religion you're entering as long as you have listened to the word of God. From born again christian to catholic, I've seen how the church leaders are trying to invite people to go to there church. They have done a holistic job and for the leaders, when you're inviting don't spoil each other's system. As I have become aware of so many things, after reading philosophical books and seeing the hypocrisy of the church leaders I realized that my religion can't save me from my sins. Religion, of course, introduced Jesus Christ to me. They molded me first on how to become a good citizen living the ways of Jesus Christ.

A man without religion, can still live a moral life. Jesus Christ never asked for your religion when he knocks on your door, He only wants you to accept Him in your heart and let Him become your salvation. Praying alone in your room and accepting Him already saved you from your sins. Communicate always with Him through prayers and by doing the Jesus Christ way of living you will have a righteous life. No one can say you are immoral if you don't have any religion.

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